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 WhatsUp Gold Premium

Network, Server, and Application Monitoring
Simply the most intuitive, comprehensive, and cost effective network management toolset available today.

 To all the Network managers out there…
We know exactly how challenging your job can be. While constantly changing hats, you’re pulled in multiple directions simultaneously, to maintain and troubleshoot the existing network and server infrastructure; ensure business critical application availability; resolve user helpdesk tickets; and evaluate, test, and roll out new applications and services.  You may have one boss on paper, but when it comes to balancing all of these demands, it seems like everyone at the company thinks their needs are top priority. The result - you are probably juggling a lot of balls in the air – which is not necessarily the easiest or most efficient way to get things done. And you must be thinking - there has got to be a better way. Does network management have to be so complicated?
We don't think so.

The answer is WhatsUp Gold Premium edition. A powerful, proactive monitoring and management solution, designed to easily manage networks of all sizes, from SMB to enterprise. It’s tried, tested, and proven on networks just like yours – over 100,000 of them. With WhatsUp Gold managing your network infrastructure 24x7, your life as the network manager just got easier. WhatsUp Gold Premium ensures you have 360° visibility, actionable intelligence and complete control to make not only fast decisions, but better ones. When you invest in WhatsUp Gold Premium to manage your network infrastructure, you’re not just buying some software, you’re teaming up with a company that’s been building robust, easy to deploy and hassle free network management solutions for nearly 2
0 years.

With WhatsUp Gold Premium Edition, you get:

    * High-performance predictive monitoring of networks, systems, applications, and services, including wireless networks
    * Over 200+ network and infrastructure reports providing real, actionable intelligence
    * An industrial strength management architecture using the most advanced standards (SNMP v1-3, TCP, ICMP, SSH) available
    * Comprehensive out-of-the box support for WMI, supporting complete Windows service monitoring*
    * Agentless monitoring for Unix and Linux systems using SSH*
    * Integrated application (MS Exchange, NT Services, and MS SQL) monitoring capabilities delivering critical process and performance analytics*
    * Rich capability for synthetic transaction monitoring ensuring application performance and integrity
    * The industry’s leading alert management platform, featuring easy to use alarms, alerts and notification capabilities for real-time operations support
    * Split second graphs and InstantInfo feature supporting real-time troubleshooting activities*
    * A highly flexible, automated, and comprehensive network discovery and mapping platform
    * Quick navigation with intuitive Web and Windows consoles, which provide 360° visibility
    * Air-tight security and configurable role-based management
    * A platform installed in just minutes and designed to be simple and intuitive to use right out of the box
    * Support for FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) 140-2 standards – combined with AES 256-bit encryption ensures compliance with security and regulatory regulations.

Product Code: WHAH16
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