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Enterprise Network Management
See Your Entire Network: powerful multi-site management without the complexity or cost

If you are responsible for a distributed enterprise network, chances are you have lived through the pains and complexity of selecting the right network management option. Some enterprise network managers have forsaken unified management and process and tried to manage the entire infrastructure through an assortment of point solutions - typically one for each location or environment. Others have brought in the Big 4 Mega Suites and paid dearly in time, cost and effort.If this sounds familiar, you know that neither option really gets the job done, as the information provided by the point.

solutions doesn’t provide a comprehensive, actionable intelligence and the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the Big 4 Mega Suite negates any real gains in management. But, if you are like hundreds of other Enterprises that made the right decision, you are ready for WhatsUp Gold.

WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition: Scalable and Affordable Enterprise Network Management

Built on the extensible and scalable core architecture, WhatsUp Gold Distributed is a full-featured network, server, and application monitoring solution designed to manage complex multi-site networks. Supporting both central and remote installations, WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition provides local network monitoring and management, as well as the roll up of all critical data to the central site for coordinated action and analysis.

WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition leverages the features of WhatsUp Gold Premium and extends them to provide secure connectivity between a central NOC and any number of remote sites. With powerful network discovery and mapping, real-time SNMP and WMI monitoring, comprehensive reporting, and the industry’s leading alert management capabilities, WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition provides 360° visibility, actionable intelligence and complete control.

WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition: Benefits

WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition adds to the core feature set of WhatsUp Gold Premium, by providing a highly scalable and low bandwidth solution with the following benefits:

    * A highly efficient distributed architecture as processing loads are handled by remote sites minimizing the overhead at the central location
    * Dramatic reduction in false alarms, a frequent pain point in distributed network management through intelligent analysis of device and alert dependencies
    * Real-time centralized network management across multiple sites using individualized dashboards
    * Continuous uninterrupted monitoring; each site runs independently of the central site
    * Actionable intelligence with over 200 reports available to slice and dice consolidated data, including SLAs levels
    * Minimal traffic overhead on the network as monitoring is localized at each remote site
    * Unlimited scalability, supporting any number of remote sites from a single central NOC
    * Air-tight security with support for FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) 140-2 standards and 128-bit SSL encryption between each remote
    * network connection to central site. SSL over VPN can also be configured.

With WhatsUp Gold Distributed Edition, you have a tried, tested, and proven solution that provides complete visibility across your diverse network and application infrastructure. It delivers the automation, intelligence and control you need within a single scalable solution, at the lowest possible TCO.

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