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Swiftpage offers powerful Survey capabilities with all of our service levels. Have your contacts sign up for your e-newsletter, register for your event, update their contact information, gauge your customer’s satisfaction and more!

Response Type Options

From true/false, multiple choice, ranking, to fill in the blank, you’re sure to find the answers you want with Swiftpage’s robust survey tool.

Database Integration

Since Swiftpage is fully integrated, you don’t have to bother with importing or exporting your contacts’ responses. Simply map to the fields you want populated in your ACT! or SalesLogix database, and watch the information come in! > More on integrations

Export Options

Share your survey response results by simply entering an email address and Swiftpage will send an excel file of your Survey results.

Link to Your Survey

Use your survey to gather contact information or opinions by linking from your website or your email.

Response Reporting and Statistics

Analyze your survey responses in the Swiftpage Survey tool with summary and detail response reporting capabilities.

Survey Tools

Swiftpage Survey offers powerful integrated survey types and useful follow up emailing options.

    * List Builder Surveys allow you to add new contacts to your database by mapping the fields from your survey to populate fields in your ACT! or SalesLogix database.
    * List Updater Surveys are a great tool to keep your contact’s information current by mapping the fields from your survey to update contacts already in your ACT! or SalesLogix database.
    * Autoresponder can be set to automatically respond to your survey respondents with a customizable email so you can thank them for submitting your survey your way.
    * Drip Marketing Autoloader allows you to have your survey respondent automatically loaded into a Drip Marketing campaign built in your ACT!, SalesLogix or SageCRM database.

Survey Landing Page

Easily create a landing page in Swiftpage’s Online Editor and simply link your survey respondents directly to it from our Survey Results Options.

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