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Simplify mailbox management and regulatory compliance.


Mailbox servers often suffer from the heavy load of growing email traffic and administrators struggle with mailbox quotas and user storage demands. Through the Astaro Mail Archiving Service, you can free up valuable server resources and get control of compliance requirements while improving productivity of end-users at the same time. All of this is provided as a reliable hosted service with no need for additional hardware or software. Learn more about the individual features which make up the Mail Archiving service.

Easy Setup                                                        
Setup your archive in less than 15 minutes.

Setting up an archiving solution for e-mail usually takes considerable time and effort. With Astaro Mail Archiving, you will be up to speed in minutes rather than hours or days. Automatic provisioning processes and the absence of any additional onsite hardware or software requirements will keep setup times to an absolute minimum.

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Setting up a traditional archiving solution onsite always involves many steps. For example, an archiving software solution not only involves the installation of software on your existing messaging server, but also can mean that you may have to buy new dedicated server hardware for this task. Also, you will always have to provide your own storage system and often monitor its capacity.
With Astaro Mail Archiving, you don’t need any additional hardware or software onsite. Getting your personal archive in the cloud is no more complicated than signing up for the service through our free trial and you will immediately receive your login credentials and a 30 day license.
Once registered, you will only need to configure basic settings within the web-based administration GUI and on your messaging server. All of this can be done in less than 15 minutes!
Enforce requirements from local laws and regulations.

In many countries, businesses are obliged to archive emails for several years due to legal requirements. Astaro Mail Archiving Service lets you decide what needs to be archived and for how long. Where email audits are necessary, discovery tasks can be fulfilled with special auditor privileges within the archive, following a four-eye principle to comply with data protection requirements.

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Modern industrial and governmental rules and regulations make email archiving an obligation for all businesses. Emails must be archived for a certain period of time and in the case of audits, specific information must be presented within due time.
The Astaro Mail Archiving Service gives enables you to offload emails from your messaging servers and provides end users with a stunning discovery experience. The archive also offers granular control over retention periods, so that you can set individual periods per mailbox or even filter for specific content or exclude certain emails from being archived at all.
While these easy-to-enforce retention policies can be configured within the graphical interface of the ArchiveManager, the even more important question is how you will rapidly find and produce important emails when required. Users with special auditor privileges – optionally based on a four-eye principle – can instantly access and search through the companies entire email communication, providing results within seconds. Accessible through a web-based discovery portal, legal departments or auditors are now enabled to easily retrieve information so that the IT department is no longer involved in these tasks.

Mail Server Offloading
Free unlimited e-mail storage and save server resources.

Regain valuable resources back from your messaging server by reducing the storage occupied by emails with a reliable and secure way to transfer them to the hosted archiving service. In highly available datacenters with free unlimited storage, all emails are stored in an encrypted format and continuously backed up. Daily email management tasks are dramatically simplified, for example: accidentally deleted messages must not be restored, as all emails can be accessed through the archive at any time.

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Mail databases are growing to sizes that are difficult to backup and maintain, while end-users are often facing restrictions by mailbox quotas to prevent excessive storage needs.
The Astaro Mail Archiving Service instantly frees up valuable storage resources on your existing messaging servers. The Astaro hosted service also offers valuable features to reduce daily management tasks and practically eliminates scalability challenges by providing unlimited storage in distributed datacenters.
Every email, whether inbound, outbound or internal messages, is immediately transferred to the archive where it is indexed for further discovery tasks and stored in an encrypted format. During the retention time set, every end-user has access to all personal emails stored within the archive, so no email is ever lost even when the end-user deletes it from their inbox.

Instant Discovery
Find any email you have ever received – now!

The exponential growth of email volumes not only has a high impact on servers, but also on the productivity of each single user. Without a reliable full-text search, finding specific messages is a time consuming and complicated task. Astaro Mail Archiving Service provides a new user experience, where messages can be found in seconds through searching parts of the subject, body or attachments. As access to corporate email is also crucial for travelling users, with the E-Mail Archive Portal, you will have full and instant access to all your archived emails from anywhere.

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Searching for old emails usually means digging through folder structures, then skimming through pages of emails. Even through the use of a localized search engine, the process is often slow and consumes valuable system resources.
The Astaro Mail Archiving Service will dramatically change the way email discovery tasks are executed. Using the E-MailArchive, you are able to search through all of your emails - even those which have been deleted from your inbox. The full-text search engine will look for your search terms in all parts of the email, including the attachments, and list search results within seconds.
You can instantly view the complete messages upon request and either download or print them. Furthermore, you will even be able to directly download specific attachments, and if you want to refine your search query, advanced search options will satisfy your needs. All discovery features in Astaro Mail Archving Service are available through a web-based application which is easy to use and allows you to access all of your personal emails from anywhere.
Outlook Plugin
Seamless integration into your e-mail client.

Searching for a specific e-mail without using an archiving solution often means manually browsing through dozens of inbox folders or using complex third-party applications. With Astaro Mail Archiving, you increase productivity by using the integrated Outlook Plugin for your searches.

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Manual searches for locally archived e-mails is a very time consuming matter. Archiving solutions usually provide powerful search capabilities to counter these challenges. However, you are often left with complex and separate client solutions, requiring end-users to leave their familiar e-mail environment.
With Astaro's Outlook Plugin, you can stay right where you are and training is also not necessary. Astaro Mail Archiving provides a user-friendly Google-like search, so you can locate your messages in seconds.
Search results are displayed in a regular Outlook fashion and you can work with the archived messages as usual, for example copying them to different folders with drag and drop, forwarding them on or sending direct replies.
PST File Elimination
Resolve local email archives.

Mailbox quotas often tempt end-users to store their emails on their local PC as PST files. These high risks of data loss and inefficient email management can be solved as a reliable email archive eliminates the need to create PST files in the first place. Astaro Mail Archiving Service also provides tools to import existing PST files and consolidate emails into one single corporate archive.

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A PST file is a local archive for emails. Emails are usually saved or archived locally as a practical solution for end users and road warriors. In reality though, this is seen as a major security and manageability issue for administrators. Sensitive information is no longer managed and backed up centrally, but spread all over the network infrastructure, residing on network shares, client PCs and notebooks. Furthermore, these PST files often are not integrated in any backup plan.
Astaro Mail Archiving Service provides you with a great way to store all of your corporate emails in one central place without worrying about data loss or mailbox quotas. The unlimited archive storage eliminates the need to source emails from the user mailbox out to local PCs. As the archive is even accessible through a simple web portal, travelling users will easily be able to access their email archive from anywhere. The Astaro Mail Archiving Service also provides an import feature, for the retrieval of all messages that have been previously stored in PST files.



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