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Your business life is hectic. Meeting deadlines and handling all the necessary details are urgent priorities for you.
We understand. ACT! was created for people like you who must manage a growing business and associated business relationships. You need more than a paper-based method, spreadsheet, or e-mail system where you spend too much time looking for scattered information.Choose ACT! and provide superior service to your prospects, customers, or anyone you contact regularly because you have a complete, integrated view of your relationships— all in one easy-to-access location. Impress contacts with your follow-up, leave no task undone, and make informed decisions so you can successfully advance your business.

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In a weaker economy, it’s tempting to "wait it out," but consider the cost of doing nothing. ACT! helps you grow your business by attracting new customers and getting more from existing relationships.

    * Organize all the details of your customer relationships. Strong business relationships are essential to your success. Get a complete view of the people you do business with, plus instant access to past interactions and e-mails sent. Next time a customer calls, you’re prepared with a response about what you discussed last time, as well as personal details to set your business apart

 * Generate actionable demand with end-to-end E-marketing.Not only can you create and send striking e-mail and drip marketing campaigns using a simple online editor, you’ll also be able to quickly identify your most interested prospects using a ranked call list so you know who to reach out to first.;


* Take action on your most qualified sales leads.Focus on your most viable leads by capturing and managing each lead through the sales process. Record detailed progress notes, include your products and services, and see the probability of close. This gives you total visibility and control of your sales pipeline.

 * Be more productive right away.Don't worry about a learning curve. ACT! is easy to learn and use. In fact, you can be 25%2 more productive by simply choosing ACT! over the competition.

  * Integrate with your existing business solutions.Take full advantage of the familiar solutions you've already invested in. Integrate ACT! with your e-mail, calendar, and more than 10 popular business solutions, including Outlook®, Word, Excel®, and Lotus Notes®

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