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Access Sage ACT! from wherever you are with ACT! Mobile Live, a cloud-based mobile service that delivers Sage ACT! to your BlackBerry® and Windows Mobile® devices.
With ACT! Mobile Live, you keep the details with you. You’ll always have your Sage ACT! contacts, calendar, meetings notes, conversation history, and upcoming activities, because all of this is easy to find and update from your phone. No more missed meetings, misplaced phone numbers, or forgotten customer details simply because you’re out of the office and away from your computer.

It's designed for your mobile device.
Get more out of the phone you already own. ACT! Mobile Live works with BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices. Support for iPhone® is coming soon!

Keep the details with you and add new.
View your Sage ACT! contact and calendar details on your phone. See meeting notes, conversation history, and upcoming activities, and be instantly informed about your customers. And you can add new details when you're out and about.

Bypass the learning curve.
You're already used to your mobile device interface. ACT! Mobile Live uses your phone's built-in address book and calendar so you can view, add, and edit contact and calendar details in the same familiar way you do today.

Setup is a breeze.
Forget about IT nightmares. Set up and deploy ACT! Mobile Live in three easy steps-simply sign up, set up, and sync. You can go live today and enjoy the convenience of paying on a 12-month basis, because ACT! Mobile Live is a subscription-based service.

Backup via an online portal.
ACT! Mobile Live is ready for you wherever you are. Not only can you access Sage ACT! from your phone, you'll have access from the ACT! Mobile Live online portal. This gives you online access, plus a backup with your data in case your phone is lost or stolen. And your data is available if you switch phones later.

ACT! Mobile Live                                                                                      Features

Phone Support
Works with BlackBerry® and Windows Mobile® devices.                                        
Support for iPhone is coming soon!                                                                    Coming Soon!

Contact Details
Access, view, and your update contacts                                                                
View contact notes and history                                                                             
Add new phone notes and sync those notes back to Sage ACT!                              
Select the number of notes and history you viewable, plus choose the history types  

Meetings and Activities

Access, view, and update meetings and activities                                                   
See details, like subject, location, contact name, phone number, and time               
Add details to meetings and activities and sync those details back to Sage ACT!      
Differentiate between your timed and timeless activities                                           

Sync Options

Set your individual preferences on your phone and PC                                              
Identify which contacts to sync through built-in contact selectors   
Build advanced queries for a custom contact selection                                             
Choose from one-way or two-way sync     
Set automatic push sync1, timed sync, or manual sync  
Use the data recovery sync option if needed                                                            

Reliability and Security

Have 24/7 access to your data with complete failover and backup protection              
Utilizes 128-bit encryption when syncing your data   
Provides secure physical protection for unauthorized entry and catastrophic events    

Product Code: ACTY94
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