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Off-load spam and suspect email efficiently and cost effectively. WatchGuard® Quarantine Management Server (QMS) is an automated, intelligent, and easy-to-use email quarantine solution that works with WatchGuard XCS email security appliances, or any other email security gateway. It allows messages containing unwanted content – including spam, phishing, large messages, and messages with attachments – to be directed to a local quarantine server. By providing a secure holding area for messages containing suspected threats or spam, WatchGuard QMS enables flexible control and maximum threat protection, and gives end users the self-service capabilities to adjust their individual spam thresholds.

Reduced Traffic Load and Storage Requirements
Delegating spam quarantine to a WatchGuard Quarantine Management Server relieves processing and disk space on the primary email security system or cluster.

Easy to Deploy and Manage
WatchGuard QMS features an intuitive, browser-based, ribbon-type management console that provides an easy-to-use, single point of administration that easily integrates into existing directory and mail systems.

Automated, Self-service Controls for End Users
By allowing individual user involvement in the spam decision-making process, administrators are able to minimize administrative burden and improve the end user experience.

Flexible policy control Policy-driven quarantine provides support for multiple domains, organizations, users and groups with ability to scale to hundreds of thousands of users.

Streamline Reporting
WatchGuard QMS generates reports to provide visibility into quarantined messages, Trusted and Blocked Sender Lists activity, Spam Digests, message expirations, top quarantine users, and system information (including CPU load and disk capacity).

Basic Internal Deployment of a WatchGuard Quarantine Management Server

Basic internal deployment. WatchGuard QMS is installed on the same network as the WatchGuard XCS (or other email gateway appliance).
    * Incoming mail is processed by the XCS and suspected spam is redirected to the QMS.
    * End users can log in to the WatchGuard QMS to manage their specific quarantine settings, select the language template for their Spam Digest message, and manage their Trusted and Blocked Senders Lists.
    * Spam Digest notifications and released messages from the quarantine are delivered via the WatchGuard XCS to the internal mail servers so they can be received by the end user.

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QMS 500 and 1000
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