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Propalms VPN is an easy to use, simple application access and security solution (SSL VPN) for enabling high-trust, secure remote access to corporate applications and resources. Enterprises use Propalms VPN to collaborate securely with employees, customers and partners.


Today, organizations of all sizes face the pressure to be able to deliver applications and data to ever increasing numbers of mobile workers. Whether this is home users, roaming users, customers or even business partners the need for a Secure Remote Access solution that is easy to use and yet secure is the key requirement; this is where Propalms VPN can help.

When implementing a VPN it is important for organizations to consider the VPN technology. Current VPNs whether IPSec or SSL VPNs rely on layer 2 VPNs to provide seamless access to applications. This creates a security hole in perimeter security deployed at the corporate network level and opens up the network to unknown vulnerabilities generated from unmanaged desktop machines. It should be noted that the requirement is to deliver the application and network services to end-users rather than necessarily bridging unknown endpoints to corporate networks at untrusted locations.

Propalms VPN is an application gateway that provides secure access to the applications using standards based SSL encryption. Propalms VPN enables access to specified applications only, rather than bridging end-user's machines with the corporate network, while still maintaining full application compatibility. Propalms VPN comes with unique network obfuscation feature which hides the internal network details from intentional or unintentional exploitation by a user or hacker.

Propalms VPN brings together the performance, management and functionality required for enterprise remote access and reduces costs traditionally associated with other VPN solutions due to the simplicity and ease of use of our solution united with our low license costs.


      Propalms SPAN (Secure Private Appliance Network) technology enables a completely secure access method over any kind of network and devices. With SPAN technology, Propalms VPN can make applications available without bridging client device's network with the corporate network. Other VPN solutions require a network adaptor with virtual IP Address for full functioning of client-server applications. SPAN technology has following salient features:
          o Secure remote access without creating unsecured holes in the network's perimeter security.
          o Makes application access possible without a virtual adaptor or routing changes on endpoint machine.
          o Hide complete network information obfuscation. User can never find the actual IP address of hostname of the internal servers.
          o Administrator can control each application available over VPN rather than opening up the whole network/subnets.

      Access all of your Applications, including all TCP, 802.11x and UDP applications, Microsoft Outlook, FTP, Propalms TSE, and Microsoft Terminal Servers. Even custom or proprietary applications and protocols are supported by the Propalms VPN.

      Enforces access restrictions based on customizable policies such as Anti-virus, Anti-spyware and firewall status ensuring devices are 'safe' for connection to the network. Real time, hourly updates for over 200 products ensures protection against any zero day attacks.

      Propalms VPN uses standards-based SSL/TLS Security. Users can be authenticated by methods such as Active Directory, LDAP, and RADIUS. Fully integrated client-certificate based two factor authentication with automatic certificate provisioning is in built in to the VPN. Configurable Authentication and Authorization servers mean that users can login using multiple methods and still have resources assigned by Group or Role.

      Administrators can create policy based access control for restricting users to specific applications and resources and preventing unauthorized access. Access control based on Device identity and profile, User Authentication method and User Role with Time-based restriction policies for further lockdown capabilities..

      Propalms VPN has a fully integrated CA function that makes certificate creation, provisioning, enrollment and revocation completely automated and easy to manage. Other SSL VPNs do provide certificate based authentication but none of them provides client certificate provisioning and management. Also Propalms certificate distribution and enrollment is completely secure as the user's password and certificate are never transmitted over the wire. Even the VPN administrator cannot login as some other user in the system..

      Propalms VPN provides a unique Site-to-Site access feature where it is possible to chain the Propalms VPN gateway and access applications across sites. Other VPNs either provide IPSec based site to site or their SSL based Site-to-Site is layer 2 tunnel which suffer from poor performance because of too much packet loss. (Read 'TCP-over-TCP meltdown')..

      Web based Management Interface with real-time dashboard updates and in-line help make administration simple. Delegated administration and secure, certificate based login for Administrators ensures that the VPN is protected against unauthorized admin access.

      Install in minutes using a simple, integrated installer or save even more time by downloading the Propalms VPN Virtual Appliance and import it directly into your VMware infrastructure or your other chosen virtualization platforms. .

      Scalable to 200,000 users with built-in Load Balancing, Propalms VPN automatically can distribute application network traffic among multiple VPN Servers with integrated failover to available servers. Propalms VPN has been built for thousands of users and has been tested in a live environment with 30,000 users.

      Web Portal provides easy access for end users and Clientless VPN agent for seamless access to applications.

      Propalms VPN works in conjunction with Propalms TSE solution to deliver a highly efficient application delivery solution to enterprises. Propalms TSE provides presentation virtualization and VPN provides remote access. Propalms VPN enables Single Sign ON and auto-launch features for Propalms TSE enabled applications.
Propalms VPN
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