Propalms VDI
Propalms VDI...
...is a Management and Connection Brokering solution for Virtual Desktop deployment across the enterprise.

Propalms VDI provides an end to end solution to virtual desktop and application delivery. Using Propalms VDI you can deliver virtual desktops to users, deliver applications to virtual desktops, automate tasks inside virtual desktops and have full monitoring and management control from a central management console.
The current version of VDI has been developed in conjunction with Parallels Virtuozzo VDI, offering the most cost effective VDI solution on the market.


    * High Density VDI Solution: Propalms VDI support Parallels Virtuozzo container virtualization platform which can fit in more no. of virtual desktops per hardware machine.
    * Desktop Pools: Administrator can pool virtual desktops from one or multiple virtualization hosts to apply similar settings to the member desktops.
    * Automated Desktop Creation: Virtual Desktops can be created from VDI management console or they can be created whenever a new user comes in. Avoids the headache and time consuming process of pre-creating the desktops for all users.
    * Flexible Destop Allocation: Propalms VDI provides highly flexible desktop allocation policies. A single desktop pool can be shared between users from different roles or OUs or even devices part of specified subnets. A single group, OU or set of devices can be assigned multiple desktop pools. The persistence of the machines assigned to the users can be set to temporary or permanent. A temporary fallback machine is made available to the user if the user's permanent machine is not available.
    * Application Delivery: Propalms VDI solution make use of Parallels's built in application delivery solution to deliver applications to virtual desktops. The applications on the virtual desktops can be made available based on the role of the user or based on the connecting device network parameters. Applications on the virtual desktops can be assigned and unassigned dynamically without requiring user intervention..
    * Desktop Power Management: Propalms connection broker monitors the usage of virtual desktops and turn off the desktops which are found idle for specified period of time, thus increasing efficiency of the virtual infrastructure..
    * Client Support: Users use Propalms VDI client to login to get to their virtual desktop. Propalms VDI client support Windows, linux and MAC OS X platforms..

About Parallels VDI:

Parallels VDI solution is a cost-sensible approach to taming desktop costs without changing the familiar physical desktop experience. The muscle behind Parallels VDI is a design solution powered by Parallels patented OS container technology.

Parallels OS container technology provides:

    * Maximum consolidation ratios of desktops to servers in the industry today providing cooling, power and space savings.
    * On-demand allocation of resources ensuring that no system resources are wasted through pre-allocation.
    * Highest isolation between workloads in the industry with a proven track record of data integrity and security since introduction in 2000.

With OS container technology powering Parallels VDI solution, you get the lowest Total Cost of desktop Ownership and the greenest solution on the market today with seamless manageability and solid data integrity

Propalms VDI
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