Integrated Thin Clients

VXL’s Integrated thin client devices and solutions are helping global companies substantially reduce IT security and support costs without compromising on reliability and scalability. All Integrated models feature a 17" LCD screen, with dual monitor support, optional touch screen facility plus a choice of operating systems including; Linux Professional, Microsoft Windows CE, Microsoft Windows XP Embedded and Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard (WES).

TI5623 - Windows Embedded Standard (WES) Operating System
The Itona TL5623-XP is powered by Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Standard Operating System. The Itona TL562…
TI5642 - Windows CE.net OS
The Itona TI5642-CE is powered by Microsoft’s Windows CE.net Embedded operating. The Itona TI5642-CE boasts…
TI5635 - GIO Linux Professional OS
The Itona TI5635T-LI is powered by the Gio Linux Professional operating system. The Itona TI5635- LI boasts a r…
TI5621 - Windows XPe OS
The Itona TL5621-XP is powered by Microsoft’s Windows XP Embedded operating. The Itona TL5621-XP boasts a r…
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