Digital Media Gateways
Techroutes TG3000 Series is carrier class Trunking Gateway, which has flexible scalability and outstanding system reliability, especially suitable for large-scale network with its features of manageable and stackable. It targets for the following customers:As carrier class trunk gateway, TG3000 works at the interface of PSTN and IP network, providing signaling transform between ISDN PRI signaling and H.323, SIP, providing ISDN PRI signaling interface to circuit exchange network. TG3000 comes in two models which support 1 to 4E1s and 4 to 32 E1s.
Digital Media Gateways
TG3032 is the operation grade trunk gateway for the operators, enterprise and virtual. TG3032 integrates the trunk gatew…
TG3004 is an integrated media and signaling gateway especially meant for the enterprise and operators. The trunk gateway…
TG300 Series Digital Gateways
TG300 Series is an integrated media and signaling gateway that is especially mean for the enterprise and operators. The …
ATG5016 Media Trunk Gateway
Techroutes ATG5016 Media Trunk Gateway is a  fast , cost effective , flexible VOIP migration solution. The ATG5016 …
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