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Fusion Universal Device manager by VXL

VXL Fusion Universal Device Manager (UDM) Professional is a very simple to install and easy-to-use management software providing you with total control of your IT infrastructure. Fusion UDM Professional allows you to manage every networked device, including Window's PCs, Tablets, POS devices and thin clients from a single management console that runs in your web browser.

Fusion UDM Professional eases the transition to your new virtualised environment by providing a universal management console for all your thin clients, PC's, tablets and POSReady devices runing Microsoft Windows, Windows Embedded or VXL Linux OS.

Developed to elevate device management to the next level, Fusion UDM Professional is shipped with every VXL OS powered device and also allows the management of thin clients and PC's from other manufacturers making it a truly universal solution.

Offering administrators granular control of devices, across multiple sites, Fusion UDM Professional adopts a hierarchical group architecture approach that simplifies the creation and administration of permissions and configurations, no matter the type of device in use.

Highly scalable, Fusion UDM Professional is designed for multi-user, multi-disciplinary applications and has the capability and flexibility to manage networks of any size, from tens to tens of thousands of endpoints including desktops, laptops, tablets, thin clients and POSReady devices.

Built-in scheduling tools allows for automated creation of tasks and profiles on remote devices, simplifying deployment of drive mappings and printer settings for instance. While native reporting tools also allows administrators to stay informed about network device health, proactively monitoring and alerting them via email or SMS about potential issues that require attention.

Fusion UDM Professional is free of cost when supplied with VXL devices, for non-VXL devices a small perpetual license cost is due. For further information about Fusion UDM Professional please download the detailed data sheet and technical specifications below.

Fusion UDM Professional - Key Features

  • Device management - Discovery, Configuration and Monitoring
  • Deployments - Hardware, Software and Patches
  • Image Management - Clone and deploy images and granular settings
  • Security Management - User, Data, USB devices, Network and Internet
  • Performance Mangement - system tools and optimisation utilities
  • Scheduling - Automated creation of tasks and profiles on remote devices
  • Reporting - Up-to-the-minute network health checks via email or SMS


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